Inbound marketing for Service Based businesses

There’s a lot of discussion these days about Inbound marketing vs. Outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is defined as more traditional marketing, where you place an ad or send out direct mail or send email. It’s also called “interruption marketing” due to the fact that you are typically interrupting something else the person is doing to get out your marketing message. Some businesses can do very well with outbound marketing, when there is a high demand for their services during a certain time of year. Say something like painters at this time of year, when people’s attention turn to the inside of their homes and the upcoming holidays.

But you can sink a lot of money into outbound marketing, with a typical example being cable TV advertising and print ads. When you don’t get results, the classic response is “you’ve got to run the ad more” or “you need a bigger ad”. I know from personal experience that outbound marketing never did much for my landscape design business.

Inbound marketing is basically placing your information about your company and its services where people will see it when they search for information about products or services.

Years ago, the pinnacle of inbound marketing was the phone book. Yes, kids, the phone book was the search engine for the Baby Boomers. Today, it’s internet searching.

Inbound marketing can be divided into 3 categories in the Google world:

  • Google Places, Google Maps, and Google + – That’s why we take such care to set up your Google + account and Google Places page properly!
  • Organic results – This is where your website SEO and those directory listings come into play; Google takes the quality of your listings into account and ranks you higher for good content.
  • Google AdWords – Paid advertising, where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. PPC, for short. It can be expensive, but works well as a supplement to Google local results and organic results.

Here at CDLS we’ll help you get your inbound marketing going to unite people actively seeking your services in Albany’s Capital District, without monthly fees or long term commitments.


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